12 meter fiberglass pole
12-meter/40-foot Telopole
TeleScoping Poles
TeleScoping Poles

These TeleScoping Poles are suitable for any application to manipulate equipment at distance, including: utilities, landscaping, police, fire and rescue personnel to place climbing lines, cable ladders or other special use items or equipment in places up to 15 meters above ground (or sea) level. 

Made with high strength fiberglass, H series poles are exceptionally light weight, the longest 15 meter pole weighing less than 9 lbs.  Each segment extends about five feet, with every other segment able to double lock with the previous, allowing poles to be used fully locked at less than maximum length.

Heavier HVY series poles use the same components and materials but in larger diameter tubing.  These are more rigid and can support slightly heavier tip loads with more counterweight at base. 

The poles may be used with a variety of implements and hooks fastened to the universal mount on the top segment.  This is a machined toothed-ring with 3-lobe knob (see below). 

A variety of special pole tools are available including:  tree pruner, teflon coated pruning saw, crescent skinning knife, 5x7 mirror, ball peen hammer head, vise grip head, paint brush, screw driver, light alloy hack saw, and various rachet wrenches.

Custom fitting tools or miniature electronic devices may be designed for possible use to fasten to the universal mount, or in substitution of the final tube segment by special request. 

Made of dielectric fiberglass, new poles are rated resistant electrical flow to 100kV rms. All pole segments are easily disassembled for maintenance, cleaning or repair.

See Tripod System for special use with 40-ft TeleScoping Poles.

Also available are poles designed for lamp bulb installation and removal, measurement sticks for accurate overhead measurements, as well as retriever poles for easy installation of wires and cables.

Maximum length of pole manageable by an individual with good physical strength is limited to 10 meters (30 feet)*.  This is due to the nature of relative weight of the far end of the pole at distance.  Beyond 10 meters is beyond the reasonable limits of an individual's personal strength and ability to control the hook-end of the pole. 

When a pole extended more than 10 meters is to be used, it is required to have the assistance of additional persons and use of counterweight on pole base is recommended. 

See  Warnings & Utilization Notes and Pole Utilization Errata
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Over Extended

Cinch Strap

H series  Fiberglass TeleScoping Poles
Full Length Wt. Collapsed
Segments Base Tube 
Part no. Price (US$)
9 ft 
2.7 lbs 31 in 6 1.75 in H9c 275.
20 ft 4.6 lbs 73 in 4 1.46 in H20 340.
30 ft * 6.8 lbs 76 in 6 1.75 in H30 520.
40 ft * 9.0 lbs 78 in 8 2.00 in H40 720.
20 ft 
Heavy Duty
5.6 lbs 73 in 4 1.75 in H20HVY 350.
30 ft *
Heavy Duty
8.2 lbs 76 in 6 2.00 in H30HVY 550.
40 ft *
Heavy Duty
10.8 lbs 78 in 8 2.30 in H40HVY 760.
50 ft *
Heavy Duty
13.4 lbs 81 in 10 2.42 in H50HVY 900.
All Prices plus shipping, not including any applicable taxes, duties or tariffs.
‡ with verification of end use, custom order only, not in stock
Tip end segment is 1.0 inch diameter for all standard poles, 1.3 inch HVY poles. 
Other segments are various diameters, bright yellow, hollow core. .
Alteration of any segment voids material certifications.
Materials:  Fiberglass tubing, Locks: machined round black NYLON button w spring, 
End-tip Fitting: machined Aluminum Universal Mount w wing screw.  See optional Special Tools
made in USA, by GeoData Systems Management Inc.
Cinch Straps
Size us$
Small (1.3" dia) 19.95
Medium (2.5" dia) 19.95
Large (3.8" dia) 19.95
Vinyl Storage Case
part no. Pole type Price (us$)
C80 H15 to H50HVY 38.

Segment Button Lock
(alternate segments double-lock together)

Universal Mount H-series
See optional Special Tools.

Universal Mount HVY-series
See optional Special Tools.

Heavy Duty Rubber Boot

Vinyl Storage Case 


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Canister KitCanister Kit
Storage Canister Kits
part no. Size Price (us$)
020-TCK4 4 ½-inch dia Kit 72.
020-TCK6 6 5/8-inch dia Kit 76.
020-TCK8 8 5/8-inch dia Kit 91.
SB4 PVC Extra Bracket (4 ½-inch) 9.
SB6 PVC Extra Bracket (6 5/8-inch) 10.
SB8 PVC Extra Bracket (8 5/8-inch) 11.
Canister Kit
Pole Storage Canister Kit 
Lockable, O-Ring seals, permanent mounting

.Premium forged Aircraft Aluminum alloy KIT consists of
lid assembly, end cap, (2) mounting brackets, adhesive, fasteners & instructions

  • 4 ½ inch for use with 4" OD standard PVC  020-TCK4
  • 6 5/8 inch for use with 6" OD standard PVC  020-TCK6
  • 8 5/8 inch for use with 8" OD standard PVC  020-TCK8
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* Utilization Notes:
  • Maximum extension for use by an individual is 30-feet
  • Always extend small end segments first, only to the limit of extension needed at the time.
  • Always use care not to pinch fingers using button locks.
  • Extension of pole may bind as approaching full extension.  This is reduced if top end is leaned against something such as a tree during vertical extension, or when horizontally extending if pole ends are held up by other persons.
  • Pole may be extended or collapsed either horizontally or vertically.  Use care collapsing vertically not to let collapsing segments slam buttons or pinch fingers.
  • Horizontal extending and raising to vertical is difficult, always use care.
  • Lowering pole from vertical to horizontal is dangerous, always use great care and two persons: one holding the base and one walking down the length of the pole as it is lowered.
  • Pole will be damaged if crashed to ground (this is guaranteed and not covered by warranty).
  • Always use at least two persons to control a pole if using fully extended.  Very Long Pole is impossible to raise from the ground when fully extended by an individual, therefore it will be impossible for an individual to control the pole if fully extended. It will crash to the ground.
  • Use of Counterweight at the Base of the pole helps improve control of any very long pole fully extended.  Counterweights are REQUIRED for any pole 30-ft long or more.
Pole Base Counterweights
10 Lbs
10 Lb Weight Set, (2) 5Lb
20 Lbs
20 Lb Weight Set, (2) 5Lb + (1) 10Lb
5 Lbs
5 Lb Weight
15 Lbs
15 Lb Weight Set, (1) 5Lb + (1) 10Lb
Pole strength and durability are unknown.  However, manufacturer evaluations indicate impressive resistance to pole failure with nominal loads in hook end.  Poles are capable of being raised and lowered from horizontal to vertical while fully extended, without danger of pole failure or excessive bending.  See Utilization Notes above.

When a pole extended more than 30-feet (10 meters) is to be used, it is required to have the assistance of additional persons 
and use of counterweight on pole base is REQUIRED.
See Pole Utilization Errata.

Not recommended for use in the vicinity of electrical power, power lines or any other potentially electrical environment without proper additional safeguards, precautions and special personnel safety training.
* Distributor & Manufacturer assume no personnel liabilities what-so-ever in the use of these poles. 
End user assumes full responsibility for any hazards, injury or deaths which may result from any proper or improper utilization of these poles.
INFO Fiberglass Poles
For further information, Email  or Call 1-440-888-4749 (M-F 0900-1600 ET)
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Pole Utilization Errata

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