18-ft J-Lockô TeleScoping pole

Pole Base Mount (Legs)

Pole Base Mount (Tube)

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Cinch Straps
Small (1.3" dia)
Medium (2.5" dia)
Large (3.8" dia)

Cable Strap
V.Small (3/4 to 1.5" dia)

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TeleScoping Poles

TeleScoping Mast / Pole

These heavy duty aluminum alloy TeleScoping Poles are designed for use as telemetry antennae masts, surveillance camera mounts, lighting, or any special purpose application requiring easy access or maintenance. 

Mounted in a permanent base, poles can hold up to 80 lbs of equipment with low wind resistance at a height of 18-feet, up to 25 lbs at 30-feet, or up to 5 lbs at 45-feet. 

Collapsed to less than 108-inches, poles can be shipped via standard delivery services and easily transported to remote locations or within  structures.

Poles are hollow, suitable for a lightweight cable to be enclosed within pole.  However, special care must be exercised to feed and retract cable during extension and collapse of pole, as any cable inside a pole is subject to entanglement and twisting.

Made of drawn 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, these all metal poles and locks are extremely strong, durable and easy to use.  Segments lock in place automatically with a simple twist when each segment is extended to full length. Unlock occurs by simply reversing the same motion. 

Poles can be made in custom lengths, heights and any number of segments in batches of (100) or more.  Call for further information. 

Custom poles may be made in any length of segments from 3-feet to 8-feet each. Longer segments may be possible for use with lighter weight equipment. Hybrid poles with more than 3-segments are available for special applications, using lightweight 6063-T832 drawn aluminum alloy tubing for the top segments. 

Standard base segment diameter is 3½ or 3-inches, with segments 2½-inches and 2-inches for extruded tubing, and 1½-inches and 1-inch for lightweight drawn tubing.

J-Lockô TeleScoping poles are produced in large batch orders for custom manufactured applications.  A limited quantity of 18-foot J-Lockô TeleScoping Poles and other miscellaneous sizes are available for individual orders

Poles MUST be mounted securely for any application.  External pole mounts suitable to be set in concrete or solid rocky ground, are available for various types of permanent installation. Custom pole mounts for permanent structural installation can be made available by special request, cost to be determined.  A base mount suitable to be set in concrete, or solid rocky ground, is available for various types of permanent installation. 

For equipment with a higher wind resistance, secure guy wires will be required to control lateral stresses.

Tip end diameter for standard pole is 2.0 inches.  Hybrid poles tip end diameter are 1.5 or 1.0 inches.  Poles may be fit with selection of tips shown below, price varies. 

Poles are packaged in cardboard shipping tubes suitable for standard shipment via traditional express and ground carriers.

Call or email for further information. 

Also available are lightweight fiberglass and aluminum poles designed for general purposes with a variety of tip-end attachments.  See TeleScoping Poles.


J-Lockô TeleScoping Poles

Segments OD
wt. Collapsed
part no. Price (US$)
12 ft 2 2.5-in 2.0-in 13 lbs 79 inches J-LOCK12/2 500.
18 ft 3 3.0-in 2.0-in 20 lbs 82 inches J-LOCK18/3 640.
*Hybrid extra long J-Lockô poles use lightweight 0.049" drawn aluminum top segments
25.5 ft 4* 3.0-in 1.5-in 22 lbs 85 inches JT-LOCK26/4* 860.
33.5 ft 5* 3.0-in 1.0-in Ü 24 lbs 88 inches JT-LOCK34/5* 890.
all base segments heavy duty 0.100" wall aluminum


Tip Ends 
2.0-inch dia J-Lockô Poles & 
1.5-inch HYBRID J-Lockô Poles
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Threaded Plug 
(shown with 5/16x18FT inserts)

2.0-inch dia Plug (1-inch dia shaft)
1.5-inch dia Plug (3/4-inch dia shaft)

optional with 5-inch stainless steel 
Eye Bolt 5/16x18FT w nut

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Threaded Plug
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Threaded Plug
w 5/16x18
metal thread

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Threaded Plug
w Eye Bolt

Ü  Tip Ends 
1.0-inch dia HYBRID J-Lockô Poles

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Universal Mount
w Thumbscrew 
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Smooth Bore *
1/2" Hollow Shaft 

* optional: 
light thread 1/2" x20 or x13
full thread 9/16" x18 or x12 

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GPS  Thread
5/8" x11
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Broom Thread
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Plastic Plug
w 5/16" x18
metal thread
Utilization Instructions
     1. LIFT tube segment up until it stops. 
     2. Rotate segment LEFT until it LIFTS up another two inches. 
     3. Continue to Rotate LEFT 3/4 inch, drop down to Locked position. 

     1. Lift 3/4 inch and Rotate tube segment RIGHT. 
     2. Carefully LOWER tube segment until only 1 inch remains showing. 
         This would slightly damage the interior tube segments. Damage may stop ability to easily extend and lock segments.

J-Lockô Instruction Sheet


J-Lockô TeleScoping Poles are  NOT provided via the DLA system.  You must Order direct.  We accept Visa/MC purchase cards and deliver direct to individual commands.

GeoData Systems Management Inc. (GeoData) sells direct to business, military & government end users.

GeoData is the SOLE SOURCE manufacturer and provider of these J-Lockô TeleScoping Poles. 

Name J-Lockô TeleScoping Pole is the exclusive property and trademark (ô) of GeoData Systems Management Inc. 

We guarantee all products as represented herein and that prices posted are lowest cost prices for these products to any end user.  Prices are as posted, plus shipping, insurance & handling, not including any applicable taxes, duties or tariffs (usually exempt to government users).

J-Lockô TeleScoping Poles are NOT SOLD to any third party organization for Resale.  "Open Bidding" for these pole/masts by any party, organization, or governmental entity is strictly prohibited.  Instituting such activity, violates our rights as Sole Source Manufacturer, our contracts, and ultimately USA and international law. 

Orders may be placed by business end users, military commands, procurement personnel, duly contracted government agents, or national embassy personnel and/or Liaison Officers in Washington, DC.

Pole strength and durability are untested.  However, manufacturer evaluations indicate impressive resistance to pole failure with nominal loads at end.  Poles are capable of being raised and lowered from horizontal to vertical while fully extended, without danger of pole failure or excessive bending. 
See Warnings & Utilization Notes and Pole Utilization Errata.
Not recommended for use in the vicinity of electrical power, power lines or any other potentially electrical environment without proper additional safeguards, precautions and special personnel safety training.

3-segment J-Lockô TeleScoping Pole
Manufactured by GeoData Systems Management, Inc.
Distributor & Manufacturer assume no personnel liabilities what-so-ever in the use of these poles. 
End user assumes full responsibility for any hazards, injury or deaths which may result from any proper or improper utilization of these poles.
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For further information, Email or Call 1-440-888-4749 (M-F 0900-1600 ET)
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