15.5m carbon fiber telescoping pole
18.3-meter / 60-foot Carbon Fiber Pole
TeleScoping Poles
Carbon Fiber
TeleScoping Poles

Designed for special applications, these light weight, very long, TeleScoping Poles are suitable for a wide variety of uses.  Made with high-modulus, high-strength, carbon fiber tubing, poles weigh 40% less than equivalent fiberglass poles. 

C series lightweight poles are the lightest very long poles available.  Using spring button locks in a fixed housing provides positive lock at every segment.  Available in lengths up to 100-feet (30 meters).  Each segment extends about seven feet, with every other segment able to double lock with the previous, allowing poles to be used fully locked at less than maximum length. 

Poles may be used with a variety of tip end fittings or adapters: 

Button tip (standard) spring button suitable for Lamp Changers & Adapters.

GPS tip 5/8 x 11 thread suitable for most pole mounted electronics.

Universal Mount Adapter, a toothed-ring with a wing screw. Special tools include:  camera mount, wide variety of hooks, forks, pins, tools, and other custom devices.  Wireless 1oz VGA camera available, special order.  Warning, tip maximum load is only 16oz for a fully extended pole.

Camera Mount Adapter, normal 1/4-inch thread with screw lock.   Warning, tip maximum load is only 16oz for a fully extended pole. 

Broom Thread Adapter, normal threads for mop, brush, squeegee or other cleaning tool.

Custom tools or miniature electronic devices may be modified to fasten to end of pole.

When any pole extended more than 10 meters is to be used, it is required to have the assistance of additional persons and use of counterweight on pole base.   See counterweights below. 

Maximum length of pole manageable by an individual with good physical strength is limited to 10 meters (30 feet)*.  This is due to the nature of relative weight of the far end of the pole at distance.  Beyond 10 meters is beyond the reasonable limits of an individual's personal strength and ability to control the tip end of the pole.  Nominal tip end load is only 16 oz. (500 g).

All poles listed herein require counterweights at the base for use. 

Flexibility similar to fiberglass.  For most rigid poles, see Aluminum Stealth T-Lock™ TeleScoping Poles™

Warning:  Carbon Fiber is an excellent electrical conductor.  Proper safeguards, precautions and special personnel safety training must be employed.

See  Warnings & Utilization Notesand Pole Utilization Errata
Fiberglass, Aluminum, PoleTools, Lamp Changers, Range Poles, Measurement Sticks, Tripod System, J-Lock™ Mast,
Carbon Fiber TeleScoping Poles
Full Length (ft) Length (m) wt. Collapsed
Segments base tube diameter part no. Price (US$)
60 ft * 19m * 10.4 lbs 106 inches 8 1.75 inches C60 1,800.
75 ft * 23m * 13 lbs 108 inches 10 2.0 inches C75 2,500.
100 ft *‡ 30m * 17 lbs 111 inches 13 2.4 inches C100 3,600.
 For use only with LongLegs™ Tripod Gimbal System
* counterweights required for use with all carbon fiber poles, exact length may vary with customization.
‡ with verification of end use, custom order only, not in stock
All Prices plus shipping, not including any applicable taxes, duties or tariffs.
C series tip OD 0.77 / ID 0.67 inches, Locks: spring button, solid core.
Materials:  High Modulus Carbon Fiber tubing, BLACK.  End-tip Fittings: Aluminum 
All sections not tested, not certified. 
WARNING: Carbon Fiber is an excellent electrical conductor.

C series
Button Lock

C series

Carbon Fiber Segments 
Cross Section 


Pole End Tips
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Button Tip
Lamp Changer
Click to ENLARGE
GPS  Thread
5/8 x 11
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Universal Mount †
.see Special Tools
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Camera Mount.

Broom Thread
Warning: maximum tip load only 16oz for a fully extended pole.
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Cinch Straps
Small (1.3" dia)
Medium (2.5" dia)
Large (3.8" dia)

Cable Strap
(0.3" dia) us$7.95
(1.3" dia) us$9.95

Padded Canvas Storage Bag
5-inch diameter x 108 long, Velcro® closure, carry strap

Canister KitCanister Kit
Storage Canister Kits
part no. Size Price (us$)
020-TCK4 4 ½-inch dia Kit 72.
020-TCK6 6 5/8-inch dia Kit 76.
020-TCK8 8 5/8-inch dia Kit 91.
SB4 PVC Extra Bracket (4 ½-inch) 9.
SB6 PVC Extra Bracket (6 5/8-inch) 10.
SB8 PVC Extra Bracket (8 5/8-inch) 11.
Canister Kit
Pole Storage Canister Kit 
Lockable, O-Ring seals, permanent mounting

.Premium forged Aircraft Aluminum alloy KIT consists of
lid assembly, end cap, (2) mounting brackets, adhesive, fasteners & instructions

  • 4 ½ inch for use with 4" OD standard PVC  020-TCK4
  • 6 5/8 inch for use with 6" OD standard PVC  020-TCK6
  • 8 5/8 inch for use with 8" OD standard PVC  020-TCK8
Fiberglass, Aluminum, PoleTools, Lamp Changers, Range Poles, Measurement Sticks, Tripod System, J-Lock™ Mast

C series
* Utilization Notes:
  • Maximum extension for use by an individual is 30-feet
  • Always extend small end segments first, only to the limit of extension needed at the time.
  • Always use care not to pinch fingers using button locks.
  • Extension of pole may bind as approaching full extension.  This is reduced if top end is leaned against something such as a tree during vertical extension, or when horizontally extending if pole ends are held up by other persons.
  • Pole may be extended or collapsed either horizontally or vertically.  Use care collapsing vertically not to let collapsing segments slam buttons or pinch fingers.
  • Horizontal extending and raising to vertical is difficult, always use care.
  • Lowering pole from vertical to horizontal is dangerous, always use great care and two persons: one holding the base and one walking down the length of the pole as it is lowered.
  • Pole will be damaged if crashed to ground (this is guaranteed and not covered by warranty).
  • Always use at least two persons to control a pole if using fully extended.  Very Long Pole is impossible to raise from the ground when fully extended by an individual, therefore it will be impossible for an individual to control the pole if fully extended. It will crash to the ground.
  • Use of Counterweight at the Base of the pole helps improve control of any very long pole fully extended.  Counterweights are REQUIRED for any pole 30-ft long or more.
Pole Base Counterweights
5 Lbs
5 Lb Weight
10 Lbs
10 Lb Weight Set, (2) 5Lb
15 Lbs
15 Lb Weight Set, (1) 5Lb + (1) 10Lb
20 Lbs
20 Lb Weight Set, (2) 5Lb + (1) 10Lb
Fiberglass, Aluminum, PoleTools, Lamp Changers, Range Poles, Measurement Sticks, Tripod System, J-Lock™ Mast,
INFO Fiberglass Poles
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Pole Utilization Errata
Pole strength and durability are unknown.  However, manufacturer evaluations indicate impressive resistance to pole failure with nominal loads in hook end.  Poles are capable of being raised and lowered from horizontal to vertical while fully extended, without danger of pole failure or excessive bending. 

When a pole extended more than 30-feet (10 meters) is to be used, it is required to have the assistance of additional persons 
and use of counterweight on pole base is REQUIRED.
See Warnings & Utilization Notes and Pole Utilization Errata.

Not recommended for use in the vicinity of electrical power, power lines or any other potentially electrical environment without proper additional safeguards, precautions and special personnel safety training.  Distributor & Manufacturer assume no personnel liabilities what-so-ever in the use of these poles. 
End user assumes full responsibility for any hazards, injury or deaths which may result from any proper or improper utilization of these poles.
Manufactured by GeoData Systems Mgmt. Inc.

Carbon Fiber TeleScoping Poles are NOT provided via the DLA system.  You must Order direct.  We accept Visa/MC purchase cards and deliver direct to individual commands.

GeoData Systems Management Inc. (GeoData) sells direct to business, military & government end users.

GeoData is the SOLE SOURCE manufacturer and provider of these Carbon Fiber TeleScoping Poles

We guarantee all products as represented herein and that prices posted are lowest cost prices for these products to any end user.  Prices are as posted, plus shipping, insurance & handling, not including any applicable taxes, duties or tariffs (usually exempt to government users).

Carbon Fiber TeleScoping Poles are NOT SOLD to any third party organization for Resale.  "Open Bidding" for these poles by any party, organization, or governmental entity is strictly prohibited.  Instituting such activity, violates our rights as Sole Source Manufacturer, our contracts, and ultimately USA and international law. 

Orders may be placed by business end users, military commands, procurement personnel, duly contracted government agents, or national embassy personnel and/or Liaison Officers in Washington, DC.

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