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with which GeoData personnel have experience:
-Adams Automatic Inc. (Olmsted Falls, OH)
-CNER Advanced Mterials Co. Ltd. (China)
-Global Solar Energy Inc. (Tuscon, AZ)
-Hastings Fiberglass Inc. (Hastings, MI)
-Packaging Specialities Inc. (Medina, OH)
-Brigade Quartermasters (Kennesaw, GA)
-FLEXcon (Spencer, MA)
-Flexcharge USA (Charlevoix, MI)
-Designer Systems (Truro, Cornwall, UK)
-Arrow-Tech, Inc. (Rollo, ND)
-SECO Manufacturing Inc. (Redding, CA)
-Allen Precision Equipment (Duluth, GA)
-Gilman Corporation (Gilman, CT)
-Generac Portable Power (USA & UK)
-Alfiniti Inc. (Winton, NC)
-Indalex America Inc. (Mountain Top, PA)
-Eastern Mastec Inc. (Korea & USA)
-Hamburg Brothers (Pittsburgh, PA)
-Lunatic Fringe Mfg. Inc. (LasVegas, NV)
-Regency Custom Cabinets (Ft. Myer, FL)
-Superior Roll Forming Company (Valley City, OH)
-Sherwin-Williams Company, Consumer Brands, (Cleveland, OH)
-Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission (Cleveland, OH)
-Windsor Tool & Die (Cr="#000000">-Berea School System (Cleveland, OH)
-Merisel, Inc. (El Secundo, CA)
-TechData Corporation (Tampa, FL)
-Wireless Communications Committee, ARINC (Annapolis, MD)
-Union Pacific RR (Omaha, NE)
-Candian Pacific RR (Montreal, Quebec)
-Candian National RR (Montreal, Quebec)
-numerous individual commands: 
    US Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corp, Coast Guard
-select foreign governments:
-Qiblatin Synergy Sdn. Bhd. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
-Arus Cahaya Sdn. Bhd. (Perak, Malaysia)
-Platiform (M) Sdn. Bhd. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
-Ropas Sdn. Bhd. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
-Aristec Sdn. Bhd. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
-TriStar AVL (Toronto, Ontario)
-Space Science Laboratory, University of California (Berkeley, CA)
-General Dynamics (San Diego, CA)
-Martin Marietta, Denver Aerospace (Denver, CO)
-Deep Sea Systems International (Falmouth, MA)
-Redzone Robotics, Inc., (Pittsburgh, PA) 
-Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Pasadena, CA)
-AeroVironment Inc. (Simi Valley, CA)
-Scaled Composites LLC (Mojave, CA)
-BAE Systems Surface Ships Intl, Ltd. (UK)
-Canadian Marconi Corporation (Montreal, Quebec)
-CEIA (Arezzo, Italy)
-Motorola Electronics (IL/AZ/OH)
-Spot Image Corporation (Reston, VA)
-PCI Enterprises Inc. (Richmond Hill, Ontario)
-Caliper Corporation (Newton, MA)
-PLSO of Ohio (Columbus, OH)
-Northeast Ohio Area Wide Coordinating Agency (NOACA)
-City of Cleveland Schools, Transportation Dept (Cleveland, OH)
-USMC Warfighting Laboratory (Quantico, VA)
-Naval War College (Newport, RI)
-Fleet Intelligence Training Center Pacific (San Diego, CA)
-Commander Naval Air Pacific (San Diego, CA)
-Commander Fighter/AEW Wings Pacific (San Diego, CA)
-USS Enterprise CVN (operational deployment/systems installation)
-Operational Test and Evaluation Force, Pacific (San Diego, CA)
-Naval Research Laboratory (DC)
-Intelligence Center Pacific (Camp Smith, HA)
-Anti-Submarine Warfare School (San Diego, CA)
-Amphibious Landing School (Coronado, CA)
-Naval Control of Shipping Organization (St. Lawrence Seaway)
-Naval Intelligence Processing Systems Training Facility (Key West, FL)
-Recruit Training Command (San Diego, CA)
-USA Dugway Proving Ground (Dugway, UT)
-22nd Chemical Battalion (Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD)
-Generac Portable Power (M) Sdn. Bhd. (biz development)
-Cleveland Schools GPS Dispatch System (prototype design)
-NORMLS revision (design discussions, multiple entities, Cleveland, OH)
-Elk Creek Ranch (business development project, RBA Inc., Denver, CO)
-Timberlane Farms (land development project, RBA Inc., N.Royalton, OH)
-Spanish Creek Water Management Project (Univ. of California/NASA)
-DARPA, Special Programs, Advanced Applications (Martin Marietta)
-I&W System/Hultec Analysis-prototype (Martin Marietta)
-Mobile Launcher (proposal development General Dynamics)
-TADMIS (budget planning/analysis CNAP, USN)
-TARPS (operational air reconnaissance system, USS Enterprise, USN)
-Tomahawk, Harpoon, Phalanx & Fuel delivery systems (R&D support USN)
-Computerized NSIA Wargaming (Naval War College)
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