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GeoData Systems Management Inc., is a high-technology firm specializing in technical systems integration, support, and management.  With expertise in the integration of complex systems, GeoData applies new technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), NavStar GeoPositioning Satellites (GPS), MultiMedia, presentation, network and security systems, with advanced high-quality computer hardware, and other specialized technical equipment to a wide range of client-oriented operational systems for business, special districts, regional agencies and other special clientele. 

Services provided range from basic systems consultation to full project implementation, training and operational support.

GeoData personnel have broad experience in the senior management and administration of special technical projects, complex multi-participatory contracts and several governmental programs. 

GeoData also maintains professional affiliations with firms in highly-specialised fields of design, research and development,  programming, manufacture and utilization of high-technology within the United States and abroad.

GeoData Technical Experience
GIS Information
Map talk
  • technical systems design
  • systems acquisition & installation
  • computer mapping
  • imagery analysis
  • data systems
  • fabrication & development new systems
  • computer programming 
  • training & utilization
  • engineering & construction 
  • inspection & quality assurance
  • land development & planning
  • finance & budget consultation 
  • effectiveness analysis 
  • marketing systems
  • military systems 
  • electronic security 
  • .sources management; development, acquisition, utilization training and management of high resolution aerial photography and computerized land use databases for local governmental entities;
  • Computer systems networking, custom configuration of network systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based data analysis systems, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), NavStar GeoPositioningSatellite navigation/location systems (GPS), AutoVehicleLocation systems (AVL) and CAD/CAM systems;

  • Development of computer programs for facilities maintenance, computer systems transitions, budget and travel funds for budget in excess of $2.5 million;

  • System database design, programming and implementation of travel budget estimation and expenditures tracking for the commander of all Pacific naval air forces;

  • Design and implementation of aerial mapping, land use identification, data compilation and utilization of data bases for high-growth urban communities;

  • Management of 250+ civilian and military personnel with an annual payroll in excess of $7 million, senior responsibility for individuals selection, evaluation, leadership, promotion, hiring and dismissal;

  • Internal review of employee timekeeping, travel funds utilization, secure telephone utilization, monitoring of training regarding sexual harassment, EOP and other mandated Federal training programs;

  • Construction Management new and existing facilities, selective demolition, site inspection, specification compliance, engineering, quality assurance, facility start-up and field engineering, inspection. 

  • Management of pre-operational testing and documentation for nuclear power projects.  Supervision of pre-operational testing and handling of Nuclear Fuel, Neutron Source, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and calibration systems. 

  • Professional and university level specialized instruction, in multiple geopolitical, historic and technical subjects, to select U.S. and foreign military personnel. 
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