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Naval Gunnery Target Production
Target X-Ray™ RADAR NavTGTs
Production Notes
  • Surface Naval Gunnery Targets (NavTGTs) are made from 260 LB rolls of heavy duty 12-mil PVC vinyl film in Orange, Yellow and Lime Green colors.  Submerged skirt bases use Black PVC film.
  • Each NavTGT balloon is basically a single very large cell filled with AIR.  NavTGTs with a skirt base, water floods the base to stabilize and anchor the balloon to the surface when afloat.  There is little internal structure. 
  • NavTGT balloons are not practical to be filled with any other substance, particularly not with a chemical foam which would severely complicate disposal after use. 
  • NavTGT balloons are filled using a standard "leaf blower" type of device or any HVAC, pump, or engine exhaust duct which can be channeled into the balloon. 
  • All air chambers are made using PVC film. PVC film segments are assembled with a Radio Frequency (RF) welder. 
  • Killer Banana™ NavTGTs also have a 2-inch wide 18-foot long nylon webbing stitched into the multi-layer PolyVinyl fabric keel attached to the parachute harness D-ring by which it is towed.  Air chambers are then RF welded onto the keel.
  • Bogie Blimp™ airbourne NavTGTs are made from lightweight PolyUrethane film and are filled with Helium or Hydrogen gas.

  • NOTICE:  Spent NavTGTs on the surface are a hazard to navigation.  After use, any NavTGT remaining on the surface of the sea must be recovered and recycled.
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Target X-Ray™ RADARKiller Tomato™ RADAR
RF Equipment Production Tables
Intl Pallets Vinyl
RF Welding RF welding
Industrial Stitching Industrial Stitching
Killer Banana™ pontoons Blower
Killer Banana™ assembly Killer Banana™ pontoons
Killer Lemon™ flat Killer Lemon™ inflated
Killer Tomato™ RADAR Killer Tomato™ RADAR
Killer Lemon™ NavTGT Instruction Sheet (83Kb)
Killer Tomato™ NavTGT  Instruction Sheet (185Kb)
Killer Banana™ NavTGT Instruction Sheet (96Kb).
Target X-Ray™ NavTGT Instruction Sheet (154Kb)
Bogie Blimp™ NavTGT Instruction Sheet (89Kb)
RADAR reflector Instruction Sheet (27Kb)

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For further information,  Email  or Call 1-440-888-4749 (M-F 0900-1600 ET)

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