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BullDog PowerPak™
YardDog PowerPak™
Portable Power 
110volts in a Briefcase
Any Time, Any Place
Solar/DC/AC Rechargeable
* 220vAC available
Bulldog PowerPak™ in action
BullDog™ PowerPak™ Huskie
BullDog™ PowerPak™ HUSKIE
Heavy Duty Portable Power System
(39ampHr battery, 50watt panel)
BullDog™ PowerPak™
BullDog™ PowerPak™ -Attache
Portable Power System
(21ampHr battery, 30watt panel)
BullDog™ PowerPup™
BullDog™ PowerPup™+
Lightweight Portable Power System
(9ampHr battery, 20watt panel)
BullDog™ and YardDog™ PowerPak™ systems are complete rechargeable portable AC power systems ideal for all types of professional, recreational, outdoor, marine, RV, medical, or other mobile applications. 

Capable of powering almost any portable AC powered electronic equipment or low ampere tools, it is a perfect solution for portable power needs. 

Systems include all components needed to provide and maintain portable AC power: 

  • 110v/60Hz fused sockets (220v/50Hz available)
  • 150 to 375 watt DC to AC Inverters
  • 12v DC sealed gel pak battery
  • Heavy duty watertight case
  • 90v-240v universal AC recharge adapter
  • 12v DC cigarette lighter recharge plug (except YardDog™ models)
  • High wattage flexible solar panels (except YardDog™ models)
Samlex Pure Sine Wave DC to AC Inverter gives direct access to 110v/60Hz AC electricity from an internal sealed gel pack batteries.  Inverter lets you use portable electronics, household appliances or office equipment on the road.  Continuous computer grade 110 volt AC power for sensitive computers and electronics ensures equipment performs at peak.  Alternative 300 watt international Schuko 220v/50Hz AC power available by request. 

P3 Solar durable, lightweight, flexible solar panel is designed to maintain and charge 12 volt DC battery and power most portable electronics.  Panels fold up for easy storage in case.

  • Durable: made of extremely flexible and durable CIGS solar cells, a material proven to be very stable and long-lived, even when subjected to the rigors of extreme radiation in space.
  • Offers a higher efficiency than other flexible solar cell technologies.
  • Works under cloudy / rainy skies. 
  • Solar Will flex to fit most curved surfaces.
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant.
  • Systems can power portable AC electronic equipment for 3-6 hours without recharge depending upon Amps drawn by the portable equipment.  With simultaneous recharge from the solar panel or from a 12v DC cigarette lighter socket in a car, truck, boat, or RV.  Larger PowerPak™ systems can run most small portable AC equipment drawing up to 2 Amps almost indefinitely. 

    See Battery Life for more specific information. 

    Low Battery alarm alerts you to low voltage conditions, with automatic shutdown if needed, 375watt inverter includes built-in cooling fan.  External ON/OFF switch isolates the battery from the output circuitry to ensure maximum battery life when not in use. 

    Everything is built into a super strong Pelican® watertight, dust proof, corrosion proof, hardshell Protector™ case (except Mini-PowerPup™) as listed below.  Other case colors available by special order.

    BullDog PowerPak™ systems can be recharged from solar panel; 12v DC vehicle systems using the cigarette lighter adaptor; or at home, office or travel from any 90-240vAC socket using the 2.0Amp international charger.  Built in 12-hour timer ensures the battery is never overcharged.   Smaller 7Amp/Hr battery systems use ½ Amp regulated battery charger instead.  Yellow, Black or Tan case.

    YardDog PowerPak™  systems are AC rechargeable (only) portable AC power systems like the BullDog, but without solar panels or 12vDC connections (Solar panels and 12vDC are NOT compatible with YardDog systems). YardDog systems are suitable for all types of outdoor, gardening, marine, medical or mobile applications for which battery recharge from AC power is readily available.  Green,  Black or Tan case.  YardDog Mini-PowerPup™   comes in a rip-stop green nylon carry sack, with an adjustable strap that can be carried over the shoulder or around the waist.

    Custom versions of both BullDog and YardDog  sytems are available with discussion.  Optional External AC outlets on the outside of the case are available at additional cost.  Optional through-case DC power connector available at additional cost (for charging unit with case closed).  Available with 220vAC 375watt international output at additional cost.

    For airline carry on restrictions, see Airline Carry On Rules

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    YardDog™ Mini PowerPup™
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    BullDog™ PowerPak™ 
    220vAC International
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    BullDog™ PowerPak™ -Huskie
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    BullDog™ PowerPak™ -AirTransport

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    PowerPak™ system Battery
    Buoyancy Pelican
    (no solar) 
    (w solar)
    Solar Panel
    Mini PowerPup™ 7 150 (1) 110vAC - -Bag- 5 x 4.5 x 8 9 $207. - none
    PowerPup™ 7 150 (1) 110vAC - 1200 10.6 x 9.7 x 4.9 13 $368. - none
    PowerPup™ + 7 150 (1) 110vAC up to 25 Lbs 1450 16 x 13 x 6.9 17 - $691. P3-20
    PowerPup™ ++ 7 150 (1) 110vAC up to 25 Lbs 1450 16 x 13 x 6.9 20 - $841. P3-30
    PowerPak™ 18 300 (2) 110vAC² - 1450 16 x 13 x 6.9 26 $692. $1233. P3-30
    PowerPak™ -Attache 18 300 (2) 110vAC² up to 30 Lbs  1470 16.7 x 13 x 4.4 26 $773. $1277. P3-30
    PowerPak™ -Huskie (compact) 34 300 (2) 110vAC² - 1400 13.4 x 11.6 x 6 37 $804. - none
    PowerPak™ -Huskie 34 300 (2) 110vAC² - 1450 16 x 13 x 6.9 44 $804. $1661. P3-50
    PowerPak™ -BigDog 
    (rolling case)
    75 600 (2) 110vAC - 1510 22 x 14 x 9 77 $1195. $2198. P3-60
    PowerPak™ -AirTransport 
    (rolling case)
    105 1200 (4) 110vAC
    1440 20 x 12 x 18 130 $1811. $3074. P3-75
    Custom PowerPak™ 7 to 150 150-1200 AC²/DC varies varies varies varies TBD TBD varies
    MouseHound™ PowerPak™  open open any DC - - varies varies TBD TBD varies
    All prices in us$ (US dollars)
    All AC Outlets internal except AirTransport. 
    External AC Outlets and DC sockets available custom at additional cost.
    External AC Outlets void watertight integrity.
    Input:  16-23v DC (solar); 12-14v DC (auto); 90-240vAC (home/office)

    Operating Temp (Battery):  40º to 140ºF (5º to 60ºC)
    Battery power available at or below freezing is severely reduced.  While solar panels will still provide power down to -40ºF (-40ºC), amperes available will be less than required to operate most electronic equipment.  Also note that most electronic equipment fails to operate properly below 40ºF (5ºC), consult equipment manufacturer for details.

    ¹ AmpHr battery capacity is based upon slow draw over 12 hours.  Higher rates of Amps drawn cannot be sustained for more than a few minutes at a time. 
    150watts suitable for equipment using up to 1amp.  375watts suitable for equipment using up to 2amps.  600watts suitable for equipment using up to 3amps. 
    Not recommended for use with equipment drawing more than rated Amps, for a period longer than ten minutes.
    See Battery Life for more specific information. 

    ² (1) 10amp Schuko, 220vAC/50Hz available.

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    BullDog™ PowerPak™ Huskie BullDog™ PowerPak™ Attache BullDog™ PowerPup™
    custom BullDog™ / YardDog™ PowerPak™ systems 
    (made to specification)

    Special direct DC output versions, fully universal international 110/220vAC versions, timer control, special input, vDC/AC only, multiple solar panels, 34AmpHr+ battery power and other specialty custom versions available. 
    Contact us for   further information.

    For airline carry on restrictions, see Airline Carry On Rules

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    EEEEEEK !!!
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    MouseHound™ PowerPak™
    custom rechargeable battery packs. 
    (made to specification for any portable electronics)
    Safe NiMH rechargeable, durable, long-life battery packs for specific DC power requirements. 
    Recharge by solar, 12vDC, or 110/220vAC adapter.
    Specify equipment to be supported, volts DC and AmpHrs needed.
    Contact us for  further information.

    For airline carry on restrictions, see Airline Carry On Rules

    specifications subject to change 
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