10 meter pole in use
Stealth TeleScoping Pole™ in use
Black Etch Anodized
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TeleScoping Poles
The original Stealth TeleScoping Pole™ was designed exclusively for military special forces, designed to be suitable for military personnel to place climbing lines, cable ladders or other special use items or equipment in places up to 10 meters above ground or sea level.  Made with light-weight, high-strength aluminum alloy, a full size 10 meter pole weighed little more than 8 lbs. 

The pole could be used to place a grappling hook, light weight object, or other device held in  the poly-resin H-style boat hook fitting.  The hook fitting also had 1/2 inch course threads at its tip used for standard broom thread utility, cleaning or other devices.  Custom fittings, tools or miniature electronic devices could be designed for use in substitution of the final tube segment by special request.

Pole was readily disassembled for easy field service, repair, or combination with other segments for special purposes.  During evaluation, personnel deliberately combined segments from multiple poles together to fabricate unintended configurations (substituting utility tape for cam locks in some locations).  The odd configurations worked for them.  While this was a good feature, it also highlighted the potential for possible inadvertent disassembly during use.  

Cam Lock rings were designed for "quick release" to rapidly collapse pole after use; this feature unfortunately resulted in inadvertent collapse of pole during use in unusual or wet conditions, or from inexperience by user.  While functioning exactly as designed, it was determined that the "quick release" was not a desirable feature.  It also prevented the pole having any signifant tensile stength end-to-end or firm rigidity when twisted around its axis.

Greater heights were be reached using single or multiple pole extensions, to the reasonable limits of an individual's personal strength and ability to control the hook-end of the pole.  When multiple pole extensions were used, it was recommended guide lines be attached to the base pole for additional personnel to assist in controlling the vertical position of the pole.

Poles were produced only in a small batch production by special order for USMC Warfighting Laboratory, 3255 Myers Avenue, Newlin Hall, Quantico, VA 22134, where they were evaluated in the "Cross Canyon Mobility Project" Limited Technical Assessment Report, June 1998.  Pole was determined to be the lightest weight, most mobile, and the only device to accomplish stealth mobility between different locations and levels of an urban canyon environment.

As the result of evaluation and testing, design features for "field disassembly" and "quick release" were deemed detrimental to pole utilization in favor of increased rigid strength and firm fixed locks.  See T-Lock™ Stealth TeleScoping Poles™ for current model in production and distributed to personnel worldwide.

Also see Carbon Fiber TeleScoping Poles and Fiberglass TeleScoping Poles
See Warnings below and Pole Utilization Errata

Drawn Aluminum Tubing
.049" wall thickness (+/- .003")
Precision machined Cam Lock ring joints
alloy tensile strengths approx. 45,000 lbs.
Finish: Tubing: Black Etch Anodized
Locks: natural aluminum painted flat black
See T-Lock™ Stealth TeleScoping Poles™ for current models
20 Meter MegaPole
20 Meter MegaPole   ±20 lbs.
extended length: 20.1 meters (789 inches)
unextended length: 2.4 meters (96 inches)
10 meter Pole
10 Meter Pole (10MPOLE-X)   8.3 lbs.
 extended length: 10.2 meters (402 inches)
 unextended length: 2.0 meters (77 inches)

3.8 Meter Extension (EXT)   3.2 lbs.
 extended length: 3.8 meters (149 inches)
 unextended length: 2.0 meters (78 inches)
Compact Pole
4.8 Meter Compact Pole (COMPACT-POLE)   4.8 lbs.
 extended length: 4.8 meters (189 inches)
 unextended length: 1.0 meters (39 inches)

1.9 Meter Extension (COMPACT-EXT) 1.8 lbs.
 extended length: 1.9 meters (73 inches)
 unextended length: 1.0 meters (40 inches)
Compact Pole Set (COMPACT-SET) 10.2 lbs.  (pole+3ext)
Pole strength and durability are still unknown.  However, military and manufacturer evaluations in process indicate impressive resistance to pole failure with nominal loads in hook end.  Poles are capable of being raised and lowered from horizontal to vertical while fully extended, without danger of pole failure or excessive bending.
Not recommended for use in the vicinity of electrical power, power lines or any other potentially electrical environment without proper additional safeguards, precautions and special personnel safety training.
Manufacturer assumes no personnel liabilities what-so-ever in the use of these poles. 
End user assumes full responsibility for any hazards, injury or deaths which may result from any proper or improper utilization of these poles.
See T-Lock™ Stealth TeleScoping Poles™ for current models

Also see Carbon Fiber TeleScoping Poles and Fiberglass TeleScoping Poles
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Pole Utilization Errata

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