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Professional GPS Survey Systems
Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment provides accurate position by latitude and longitude using radio signals from a system of 24 orbiting NAVSTAR satellites.  Position is determined from the relative positions of any three (or more) of the satellites to the GPS receiver.  At all times a minimum of four of the satellites are visible anywhere on the planet at the same time.  Some systems also utilize the GLONASS satellite system.
Types of GPS Equipment range from lightweight handheld models for personal use outdoors, to high resolution systems designed for professional survey crews in conjunction with advanced office based CAD / mapping software. 

Accuracy is dependent upon the equipment being used.  Most basic equipment is accurate to 25 meters.  Equipment utilizing GPS Differential Beacon Signal (DGPS) receivers deliver positions accurate to within 10 meters, and potentially to 1 meter.  The Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) and European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) satellites can provide further GPS signal correction to compatible equipment. Only the most expensive professional survey equipment and military systems can achieve centimeter accuracy.
Integrated GPS Cartographic Systems
Very substantial applications of GPS technology have been made for marine navigation, and in-vehicle land navigation.  These navigation units range from basic alpha/numeric display units, to advanced cartographic display systems utilizing electronic charts available from several sources.   The most advanced marine systems provide color charts for anywhere in the world, with active ship's RADAR and GPS position integrated into the display.  The least expensive cartographic units are handheld and portable.  The most sophisticated and most accurate, are fixed, mounted units with exterior antennae, DGPS receivers, and connections to other onboard electronic systems.

Certain additional features are available depending upon manufacturer and model.  Generally, the more features included and the more accurate the position reported, the more expensive the equipment.  A wide variety of GPS equipment is manufactured by several companies. 

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