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A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system capable of assembly, storage, manipulation and display of geographically referenced information, i.e., your data information,  identified and correlated by its location. 

Research shows that more than 85% of business and gostantly accessible anywhere on a network at any authorized workstation. 

  • Such files can be easily cross referenced to each other, and to other relevant files in other departments. 
  • With conversion to optical mass storage systems, entire systems can be backed up and stored off site in secure storage no larger than a bank safe deposit box.
  • For dispatch or vehicle tracking systems, automated map display for fleets of vehicles can be displayed in real time with the utilization of GeoPositioning Satellite (GPS) technology.  Such Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) systems are a further enhancement of a GIS, making it an active management tool for service and safety activities.  With an AVL system, managers for the first time can observe real timeoperations and become active participants in the management of their fleet operations. 

    Similarly, with immediate access to relevant administrative and other records systems, dispatchers can relay vital information to personnel in the field instantaneously.

    With active data storage links from such AVL systems, a GIS system can accumulate relevant track and routing information simply not available for management analysis or record keeping in any other way. 

    As relevant as is a compass to navigation, a Geographic Information System (GIS) is the most critical management tool for success today.  For any kind of activity which uses data, a GIS system will improve your situation, make it easier to access your information, allow you to see potentials, relevant relationships, avoid pitfalls, or just plain let you see where you are going.

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    Real Estate, Planning & Development
    Environmental Studies
    Resource Management 
    Scientific Research 
    Transportation & Dispatch
    Security, Police, Fire &  Emergency Services
    Municipal, State & Federal  Agencies *


    the mapping and analysisof anyinformation that can be located.

    Client Services

  • GIS consultation.
  • Systems design, integration and upgrade.
  • Hardware selection and installation 
  • Business, database, engineering, and mapping software  (selection, purchase, installation & special applications).
  • Data capture, integration, structure and modeling.
  • Information retrieval, presentation, reports and graphics design.
  • Technical training and support.
  • Contract computer personnel services.
  • GIS Mapping Analysis
    GIS Mapping Management
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    Further information,  EmailInfo GIS Systems or  Call 440-888-4749 (M-F 0900-1600 ET)
    Also see Consulting and GPS/GIS/AVLequipment.

    * Notice to Governmental Agencies:  We generally do not bid unsolicited proposals.  If you would like our assistance 
    in preparation and planning of a GIS project for bids, please contact us for consultation. 

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