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We provide special expertise for a wide variety of client oriented technical systems.  We provide this expertise directly to your specific activities, without prejudice or special product preferences.  All work begins with us asking you "What do you want to accomplish?"

Then, we get you there from wherever you are by providing the professional assistance, equipment, training and/or technical support needed to accomplish your goals.  It's not magic, we're just good at putting together puzzles, ...and technologies.

Clients include corporations, small businesses, select individuals, special districts, regional agencies, divisions of foreign governments, and other special clientele.   Projects range from individual specialized portable computer systems, to complete underwater deep diving systems with robot submersibles (ROV) and salvage gear.

We are Systems specialists, not product specific.  We can bring together whatever technologies may be required to accomplish your objectives and deliver them to you as a finished package.

GeoData personnel have broad experience in the senior management and administration of special technical projects, complex multi-participatory contracts and several governmental programs.  We employ professionals with broad experience in a great many technical fields.  Further, we also maintain professional affiliations with firms in highly specialized fields of systems design, manufacture and utilization of high technology, computer programming, research and development, and other specialized fields both within the United States and abroad. 

For further information specific to your needs or goals, call us, or send us an email, to see if we can create the technology bridge to get you to where you want to go.

How long can you hold your breath?
Taking shortcuts?
We'd like to talk to you about investing in a bridge...

Wherever you are trying to go, we can get you there ..from here. 
We don't just sell hardware.  We do full systems integration. 
We help you solve your problems with fully configured well planned high quality technologies. 
We won't just get you into deeper water.

Areas served:
Merlin's Fork
(a magical impossible object)

For further informationEmail Information Request Formor Call 1-440-888-4749(M-F 0900-1600 ET)
Notice to Governmental Agencies:  We generally do not bid unsolicited proposals.  If you would like our assistance 
                                   in preparation and planning of a project for bids, please contact us for consultation.

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