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BullDog™ PowerPak™
Portable Power 
110volts in a Briefcase
Any Time, Any Place
Solar/DC/AC Rechargeable
Annapurna, the Himalayas
Journalist Lindsay Yaw makes a VOIP call from Camp 1 on Annapurna; the 10th highest mountain in the world. 
A media crew from MSN.com reported near live from the Himalayas using BullDog™ PowerPak™ systems to power their electronics and satellite communications gear. 
Photograph courtesy of Didrik Johnck.
Nassau, the Bahamas
BullDog™ PowerPak™ used to power computer and communications equipment on remote beach locations in the Bahamas.  System recharged using 20-watt solar panel on site, back onboard sale boat from 12vDC and back in hotel from 110vAC wall plug. 
Rankin Inlet, Nunavet, Canada
BullDog™ PowerPak™ Huskie used to power medical equipment during extended weeks long expedition on ice near Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Canada
Houston Lake, BC, Canada
Near the lake in northern British Columbia at Houston, BullDog™ PowerPak™ system with 40watts of PowerFLEX solar panels charging: Globalstar Quallcom Satellite Phone, Treo 700p cellular phone, Motorola SP50 Walkie-Talkie, Nikon D200 camera battery charger, and HP iPaq 2795 Pocket PC.  "Thanks again so much for your professionalism, diligence and rapid response to my pressing needs just before we had to depart. Very impressive service, way above the ordinary, from GeoData."
Sri Lanka && Indonesia
BullDog™ PowerPup™ systems and PowerFLEX solar panels used to support innoculation teams in Sri Lanka and Aceh, Indonesia after 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.
Northwest Territories, Canada
BullDog™ PowerPak™ system with PowerFLEX solar panels provided overnight power to medical respirator and monitor for outdoor hunting expedition to NW Territories, Canada.  Supervising Doctor "got the only moose in camp and it rained the first 5 of 7 days! Not much solar ...(the BullDog™) performed flawlessly in the field".
YardDog™ PowerPak™ -Dual Transport NiMHPelican 1140 rolling case
Custom YardDog™ PowerPak™ -Dual Transport NiMH 
  Top Load Rolling Case w Handle 19.70x12.x18 (Pelican 1440)
DUAL 110vAC output, (4) sockets, 375 watts/pair
NiMH battery packs 14.4 vDC, 43Amp/Hrs

Custom watertight BullDog™ PowerPup™ system in use recharging batteries for portable electronics on rafting expeditions in the American SW.

Custom 110vAC BullDog™ PowerPak™ system in portable cart at The Venetian in Las Vegas.
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